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Healthy Eating

How do I make a balanced family meal? Aussie & Kiwi families love their ‘meat and three veg’. This favourite family dinner makes eating a balanced meal as easy as 1,2,3. Here are some steps below.

1. Protein portion
For your evening meal, lean red meat, chicken or fish are great sources of protein. Choose lean cuts of red meat and trim any visible fat before cooking. For chicken, remove the skin. As a rough guide, a serving of meat should be the size of the palm, taking up roughly a quarter of your dinner plate.

2. Carbohydrate portions
Fill a quarter of your plate with carbohydrate foods such as rice, bread, pasta, noodles or potatoes. The best carbohydrates are from wholegrain sources and are low GI, such as wholegrain pasta, wholegrain bread or sweet potato. Portion sizes equate to about 1 medium potato, 1 cup cooked pasta or 1 cup cooked rice.

3. Vegetable portions
Fill the remaining half your plate with nutritious vegetables. Include vegies in a range of colours to ensure you get a variety of nutrients. One serve is equal to ½ cup cooked vegetables, so aim to have at least 1½ cups of vegetables with your evening meal.

4. Adding flavour
Keep your ‘meat and veg’ meal interesting by adding extra flavour. It gives you and the family a chance to try new flavours and spices. Not only does adding extra flavour make the meal even more delicious, it also encourages your family to get their five serves of vegetables each day.


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