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The long-term success of our company depends on effective water stewardship. Therefore, we are committed to working with a range of partners to address a range of immediate and longer term water challenges – as a founding signatory of The CEO Water Mandate, and as an active member of national and international water networks.

Water use, one of our basic human needs, has grown significantly in the last century and today, global water withdrawals are already in excess of sustainable supply. We believe that the responsible management of water resources by all users is an absolute necessity.

And of course, that includes us.

We have a long history of leadership on water stewardship, because it is critical to the future success of our business and our value chain.

In 2014 our Campbellfield factory conducted an audit of their cleaning processes in order to reduce water consumption.

To maintain our position, we must ensure our operations use water efficiently and do not compromise the right to water of local communities. Without access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation, the health and livelihoods of our employees, our suppliers and our customers would be badly affected.

We must also protect the ecosystems on which everyone depends and help to achieve efficient water use in agriculture, which currently uses over 70% of the world’s fresh water resources.

Key commitments

  • Work to achieve water efficiency across our operations
  • Advocate for effective water policies and stewardship
  • Treat the water we discharge effectively
  • Engage with suppliers, especially those in agriculture
  • Raise awareness of water access and conservation

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