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We are dependent on biodiversity in many ways. We transforms perishable raw materials that originate from farms, forests and the oceans into safe and value-added food products for consumers. In addition, some of our factories are in areas of high biodiversity. To secure our long-term success we must ensure that biodiversity and ecosystem services continue to flourish.

Biodiversity is defined by the UN Convention of Biological Diversity as: ‘the variability among living organisms, which includes the diversity at ecosystem, species and genetic levels’.

Biodiversity is one element of Natural Capital, which also includes ecosystem services and inert resources such as fossil fuel and mineral deposits. Ecosystem services are the benefits that people obtain from ecosystems and include the formation of soil, the regulation of the water cycle and climate and the pollination of plants.

We launched our Commitment on Natural Capital in 2012 , to support our Corporate Business Principles, the Nestlé Policy on Environmental Sustainability and the Nestlé Supplier Code.

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